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Our 2020 Circus Stars

As December begins and the year sets to end, we look back and reflect fondly on all the children and families that have been a part of DSCNE this past year. Whether that be attending services in the centre, virtual sessions remotely, conversations with parents to check in on progress or to offer support and information, or the one constant source of happiness each month - looking at our beautiful calendar stars of the "2020 Circus" calendar.

So let's look back at all of our stars- that trip to Fossett's Circus, Tayto Park in August 2019 seems like a lifetime ago! Thank you to all those that were a part of the calendar in front of, and behind the lens, Dalia Guzauskaite our photographer - and to those of you who bought the calendar to help further support DSCNE with our fundraising and raising awareness efforts.

Have you picked up your 2021 "Movies" calendar yet? They are available to buy online this year

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