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Love doesn't count chromosomes

What a year we have had, made all the better with our amazing 2022 calendar models showcasing what they love doing and who they love doing these activities with. This year there were 32 gorgeous service users featured, even more than last year.

We shared the year with friends, favourite toys, disco, balloons, gardening, the beach, farming, arts and crafts, reading, sports and last but not least, cooking and baking.

So let's look back at all of our stars. What do you love doing?

Thank you to all those that were a part of the calendar in front of, and behind the lens: Annemarie Cassidy, Petrina Murphy and Sinead Fidgeon for organising up to and on the day, Dalia Guzauskaite our photographer who gave her time and expertise free of charge once again, G2 Technical Services – Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems for providing sponsorship towards the costs of the calendars, and the new addition of our monthly sponsors. Of course we must not forget the children and families who made the calendar what it is and to those of you who bought the calendar to help further support DSCNE with our fundraising and raising awareness efforts. Thank you so much.

We hope you love seeing the photos once again!

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