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Double good news for DSCNE

For the third consecutive year, we are grateful to receive funding from the RTE Toy Show Appeal grants through Community Foundation Ireland. This €18,000 grant will support our extensive Early Intervention program for children with Down Syndrome, aged 2 to 6, in 2024-2025. This initiative will positively impact children's lives in the North East region, specifically in Monaghan, Cavan, Louth, and Meath.

Since our establishment in November 2018, this program has been running in small groups. However, due to the growing demands and requirements of its service users, expanding the program has become necessary. Denise Marron, our Services Coordinator overseeing the project, mentioned that "each year, the project has witnessed an increase in participants. This expansion enables DSCNE to help as many children with Down Syndrome from the North East region as possible, ensuring they receive crucial Early Intervention services. By providing Early Intervention services, our goal is to assist and empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential, which is our ultimate objective."

The project aims to create an inclusive and supportive setting for children with Down syndrome attending DSCNE, fostering their educational growth and boosting their confidence. By offering personalized interventions and opportunities to socialize with peers from their area, the project helps children develop through engaging and play-based sessions in a homely environment. Securing funding for Early Intervention costs is crucial to sustain the charity's provision of free and heavily discounted services, including Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Music Therapy, school-age programs, counseling, a dedicated Family Support Worker, and monthly social clubs for different age groups. Additionally, the centre offers baby and toddler sensory sessions and holiday camps, benefiting children, families, professionals, and the local community.

This wonderful news comes at a perfect time, coinciding with the start of the six-week summer camp program on July 1st. Additionally, we were thrilled to discover that we have been selected as a National Finalist in the Health and Wellbeing Category for the National Lottery Good Causes Awards 2024. Every summer, we organize a fantastic array of enjoyable and social activities for children with Down Syndrome and their siblings, with partial funding from the HSE National Lottery fund. Being one of the 35 finalists entitles us to a €1,000 prize and a chance to compete in the grand final, where seven category winners will be revealed at an awards ceremony this Autumn. We appreciate your well wishes.

Support and acknowledgment from esteemed organizations like Community Foundation Ireland and The National Lottery underscore the dedication and valuable services our charity offers to the local community.


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