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Virtual Music Therapy

In the absence of face-to-face contact during the current Covid-19 restrictions, Music Therapy sessions have temporarily paused on site for the time being.

Despite this unfortunate situation, musical input has moved online, where children attending the centre have been supported through playful interactive music groups. These sessions have been run by a Music Therapist, with the aim of using music to provide each child with additional interaction, enjoyment and stimulation at this time. Session activities have invited children to sing along and respond to familiar songs. Children and their parents have also been presented with opportunities to engage in experiences of music and movement.

Where appropriate, children have been provided with some resources to work with at home. For example, songs and musical videos encouraging Lámh signing to music, have been put together to nurture various aspects of children’s communication skills and general learning.

While the interactive music sessions online are not intended as a permanent alternative of holding one-to-one Music Therapy sessions in direct contact, it has filled a gap.

They have also helped provide some continuation in allowing the children to express themselves and to gain a sense of satisfaction from their valued participation in a group setting, often with their parents and siblings. It has also been lovely to see some new faces join the sessions recently! Furthermore, it has been lovely to see the creativity of children and their families in making their own instruments which they have used to enrich many of our sessions with.

We are so thankful to Shane our Music Therapist for adapting his sessions to suit the current guidelines. Since June 2020 there has been a total of 70 Music Therapy sessions for 16 individual DSCNE families, all of which were provided at no cost to the family; our gift from the centre to continue to provide support and services, albeit from afar.

The next block of 2021 Music Therapy sessions is fully booked and we wish you all lots of fun when you start back this Saturday 30th January. We can't wait to hear what you get up to!

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