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321GoNEon 2022

321GoNeon 2022 was a huge success for the second year running and it’s all thanks to everyone who took part, supported DSCNE and got out to walk 3km in their brightest clothing to fundraise for our local centre.

This event took place virtually over the weekend of 12th March 2022 - 12-3 - 321 in reverse. Bright neon clothes was the theme, as well as a very bright DSCNE branded snood to keep everyone warm.

When it came to planning this fundraising event we were still unsure if large scale events could and should take place so thought the safest and most fun way to get everyone involved was to allow participants to join in wherever they were, with their own friends and family. We are also extremely grateful to the GAA teams, Athletics clubs, walking tracks, and schools and businesses that organised their own events to allow local groups gather together in their bright, neon clothing! This also meant the event went international once again, with participants joining in all over Ireland and overseas which we just love to see.

We are grateful for our anonymous sponsor who very kindly MATCH FUNDED each donation towards 321GoNEon, 2022. Thanks to our sponsor we could ensure we were bigger and brighter than ever before!

Another thank you to our kind sponsors: E.S Forklifts, Gallagh Homes, Kenny Constructions, Specsavers Cavan, Specsavers Dundalk and Specsavers Monaghan. Thanks to their sponsorships, it ensured 100% of ticket sales went back into our centre.

Thanks to everyone who took part, together we raised an amazing €52766.24 for DSCNE!❤️

We are so grateful for everyone who took part and continue to support us in helping children and families in the North East region.

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