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321 Go NEon

Sunday 21st March, 2021, a day that we will remember fondly forever. Did you take part in our inaugural virtual walk/run - 321 Go NEon? Or maybe you supported someone that did? It was such an amazing day and we cannot believe the response we got from our community.

Some highlights were:

  • 720 participants signed up from all over Ireland, as well as UK, USA and Australia for our inaugural virtual fundraising event

  • 500 DSCNE branded snoods were posted

  • Neon and bright clothing and costumes took over our inbox and social media

  • Celebrations and smiles were on everyone’s faces

  • The sun was shining

  • Family feel-good and inclusive event

  • Main Sponsorship from Fleetwood Paints and supported by Tony’s Pizzeria, Dundalk.

  • Joining in with others, whilst we remained apart

  • Supporting a local charity, enabling DSCNE to continue to provide support to families in the North East Region

So, drum-roll please….

Together you have made a significant difference; together you have helped fundraise an astonishing total of : €23,514.08