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321 Go NEon

Sunday 21st March, 2021, a day that we will remember fondly forever. Did you take part in our inaugural virtual walk/run - 321 Go NEon? Or maybe you supported someone that did? It was such an amazing day and we cannot believe the response we got from our community.

Some highlights were:

  • 720 participants signed up from all over Ireland, as well as UK, USA and Australia for our inaugural virtual fundraising event

  • 500 DSCNE branded snoods were posted

  • Neon and bright clothing and costumes took over our inbox and social media

  • Celebrations and smiles were on everyone’s faces

  • The sun was shining

  • Family feel-good and inclusive event

  • Main Sponsorship from Fleetwood Paints and supported by Tony’s Pizzeria, Dundalk.

  • Joining in with others, whilst we remained apart

  • Supporting a local charity, enabling DSCNE to continue to provide support to families in the North East Region

So, drum-roll please….

Together you have made a significant difference; together you have helped fundraise an astonishing total of : €23,514.08

Please, please, please accept our huge thanks for being part of this special day and event.

By buying a ticket and/or donating you will help us to continue to provide free or heavily subsidized therapies, services and activities to our growing number of service users.

We are so happy that you chose to support a local charity, especially given the year that is has been. This event also helped publicise DSCNE and the supports we offer to families across the North East and for that we are thankful.

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