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"Lots of Socks" awareness day for World Down Syndrome Day

The Down Syndrome Centre North East (DSCNE), once again invited individuals, preschools, schools and businesses to join in with “Lots of Socks” to celebrate and raise awareness of World Down Syndrome Day which took place on Thursday 21st March.

What is "Lots of Socks"?

The concept is very simple; you ask everyone to wear colourful, funky socks to join in with the fun of the day. Participants received an electronic information pack from DSCNE to further raise awareness and information on Down Syndrome which included handouts, lesson plans, useful facts, and games.  There was the option to also use this day as a fundraiser. We have been publicly celebrating this special day in the calendar since we officially opened in 2018 and last year over 150 places signed up raising over €20,000 from the event. We will announce the final total raised for 2024 in the coming weeks.


Why Socks?

Colourful, funky socks are chosen as chromosomes under a microscope look a bit like socks.  A person with Down Syndrome has an extra 21st chromosome, three instead of two. So World Down Syndrome Day is on 21.03 - the 21st day of the third month. It is an internationally recognised campaign. Wearing socks is also a visual aid to show that everyone is joining in, and that although we may all be different, we all share unique qualities and characteristics. It is a fun and easy way to celebrate, but also recognise the importance and awareness of Down Syndrome.


Blue and Yellow

You might have spotted some important buildings that were lit up blue and yellow, two colours traditionally associated with Down Syndrome awareness. Thanks goes to Cavan Courthouse, Monaghan and Carrickmacross Civic Offices, Libraries, as well as our own Enterprising Monaghan CTEK building for joining in and highlighting the significance of the day.


The mission of DSCNE is to support and empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential by providing therapeutic services, training, information and social events for children and young people with Down Syndrome, their families and the professional community in the North East of Ireland. Raising awareness is just one of the ways we endeavour to reach this mission.

The core ethos of DSCNE embraces Positivity – striving to create a bright future where children and adults with Down Syndrome are given support to reach their full potential and live independent and fulfilling lives. DSCNE provides family-centred support services to meet the individualised needs of all children and families, clinical therapies, family support services, education, information and advice.  We place a huge focus on families. The centre is a place for parents, siblings & extended family to meet, get information and advice. The heart of our centre includes a family room and coffee dock which provides space for individuals to come together to form friendships, share experiences and form a peer support network.


New and expectant families, and volunteers, are always welcome and can find more information by contacting the centre. All details can be found via our website www.dscnortheast.ie or calling 042 942 3181 . Currently the centre supports over 115 families and is parent-led and run by a voluntary Board of Directors.


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