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Speech & Language Therapy


What is Speech & Language Therapy?

Children with Down syndrome can experience speech delay, due to hearing problems, low muscle tone and learning ability. Language is vital for a child’s cognitive (mental) and social development.


As children acquire language, they can ask for what they want, explain how they feel, describe what they have been doing and share thoughts and worries with friends.​

Language Development Pyramid

Language Development Pyramid.jpeg

Our therapists use a Total Communication approach, using visuals, Lámh signs and words. Speech and Language Therapy will support your child’s development in all areas of the Language Development Pyramid:

Benefits of Speech and Language Therapy

Communication difficulties may lead to frustration and challenging behaviours if not addressed. It may also affect a child’s confidence and self- esteem. 

There are several benefits of Speech and Language Therapy including:

  • Promotes confidence and self esteem

  • Improves a child’s understanding of language

  • Promotes independence

  • Allows children to foster a set of skills which will help with school readiness

  • Promotes positive relationships with others and an ability to make friends

  • Aids clear speech – so others can understand

  • Helps to increase ability to express thoughts, feelings and share stories

  • Promotes positive social skills both at school and in community environment

SLT Service

DSCNE facilitate a subsidised Speech & Language Therapy service once per month. Spaces are limited, please register your interest. Cost: €25 per individual or €15 per group session


For more information on SLT or to book your child in with an Speech and Language Therapist please contact us.

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