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*passed on to DSCNE by a parent


Wiggle around your neighbourhood on the Wiggle Car ride on toy. Kids can harness the power of the wiggle to propel this cute and colourful ride on – just hop on and start wiggling!

The self-powered Wiggle Car needs no batteries or pedals, using gravity and centrifugal force to move forward when the rider twists back and forth. Simply twist the butterfly steering wheel left and right to propel the car forward. The six wiggle-motion wheels provide kids with a smooth ride and the steering is super responsive.

Light and durable, the Wiggle Car ride-on has a roomy seat and sits low to the ground for optimal wiggle power. Movement-based play helps to engage all our senses and build healthy hearts. Physical sensory toys can support the development of motor skills, balance and coordination.


  • Wiggle-motion wheels
  • Easy steer butterfly steering wheel
  • Built from high-density ABS plastic
  • Wide seat and textured footrests
  • Not suitable for use on laminate or wooden floors
  • Maximum user weight: 65kg on smooth surfaces, 55kg on uneven surfaces

Wiggle Car Pink Ride On

  • Check out is for maximum of 28 days. No late return fee. 
    Maximum of 3 items checked out from the Library at once. 
    Losses or damages may result in a donation being made to the Centre in order to cover the cost of any repairs/replacements. Please email the office to inform us: info@dscnortheast.ie. 

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