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*passed on to DSCNE. You will need a van/very large car to transport and it is very heavy


Training physio stairs to give your child the practice and confidence of navigating steps.

A good training staircase should help an individual to realize independence on using stairs anywhere more quickly, achieving the mobility they need to enable them to return to their normal, daily life. Training stairs should help individuals to experience a sense of accomplishment, helping them to move past the usual fears, pains and frustrations associated with trying to learn how to negotiate regular staircases, steps and slopes

Training Stairs

  • Check out is for maximum of 28 days. No late return fee. 
    Maximum of 3 items checked out from the Library at once. 
    Losses or damages may result in a donation being made to the Centre in order to cover the cost of any repairs/replacements. Please email the office to inform us: info@dscnortheast.ie. 

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