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Blue physio roll, diameter 30cm, length 50cm. For correct size measure from your child's armpit to the tip of the middle finger in centimetres, this will give you an idea of the best roll height for your child.

Additional Information

Physio rolls are easier to use than traditional gym balls as most of the movement is limited to forward and back, providing greater stability than a round ball. Also the saddle shape makes it easy to straddle, sit on or roll over. Designed to improve balance, gross motor skills and core strength, can also be beneficial for those with attention or movement needs.

Recommended weight: max. 120 kg – 270 lbs

Use under adult supervision.


The Faster Blaster Pump (FAS004) & Track Pump (TRA041) are two pumps that are suitable to blow up this product. *NB product may need extra inflation before use.


Please make sure that the product is used on a surface free from any objects. In case of puncture the ball will burst.

Peanut/Physio Roll - 30cm (Blue)

  • Check out is for maximum of 28 days. No late return fee. 
    Maximum of 3 items checked out from the Library at once. 
    Losses or damages may result in a donation being made to the Centre in order to cover the cost of any repairs/replacements. Please email the office to inform us: info@dscnortheast.ie. 

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