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Twist, scoop, squeeze, and build little hand muscles with four of our finest tools!



  • Gator Grabber Tweezers
  • Handy Scoopers
  • Twisty Droppers
  • Squeezy Tweezers

Gator Grabber Tweezers measure 4”L, Handy Scoopers measure 6”L, Twisty Dropper measure 6”L, Squeezy Tweezer measure 4.75”L

Helping Hands Fine Motor Kit

  • Check out is for maximum of 28 days. No late return fee. 
    Maximum of 3 items checked out from the Library at once. 
    Losses or damages may result in a donation being made to the Centre in order to cover the cost of any repairs/replacements. Please email the office to inform us: info@dscnortheast.ie. 

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