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Lots of Socks 2021

We are delighted that we can finally and comfortably announce our final numbers from our fundraising event "Lots of Socks 2021" and it is beyond our expectations!!

  • A total of 78 preschools, schools, retirement homes, businesses and companies across the North East region signed up to raise awareness

  • 40 places also used this as an additional fundraiser for The Down Syndrome Centre North East

  • 3 places won a prize of an Airdog air purifier, kindly donated by Rory at Airdog Ireland&UK

  • Together you have helped us fundraise a total of 13,290.66

Thank you so much for being a part of this special day and event, and we really do hope you had lots of fun with your “Lots of Socks”! We really are genuinely touched that you chose support a local charity and awareness campaign, especially given the year that is has been.

Your support and interest helps us to continue to support families in the North East as well as helping to spread awareness of DSCNE, and promote inclusion and education.

We have been busy continuing to support families and educators through online and virtual supports, and also recently reopened on a phased basis so that children can access the individual face-to-face interventions that they need. We are also starting to plan our summer activities now and hope we can continue to build up our in- person therapies, activities and services once again. Exciting times!

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